Estero River Heights was the first incorporated development in Estero. It was developed in the 50s by Tommy Atkinson.

We have grown steadily from the first few homes in the 50s to about 95% occupancy but there are still a few empty lots available.

We have a diverse population of young couples and retirees who seem to get along without a whole lot of drama. A surprising number of our residents were born here, grew up, moved away, then bought a house here and moved back.


Estero River Heights is not a gated HOA community. We have a voluntary community association and we typically have around 90% participation.

The annual dues are currently $225.00

This should be mailed to PO Box 1023 Estero Fl 33928 along with your name and Estero River Heights address or paid at the annual meeting. (First Saturday in March) 

The principle function of the EHIA is to maintain the park, the boat ramp and the association docks.

Only paid members are allowed to use these amenities and vote in meetings.

The ramp is secured with lock and key. That key is owned by the association. Paid members can get a key from the dock master. Keys are exchanged every year at the annual meeting or through the Dock Master after that. Call to arrange that swap. 239 992 4005




Normal key deposit from a lot holder current on dues who never had a key is $15

If there is an issued key that is not returned or an owner is getting a replacement key, the fee is $75 for that replacement. 2d lost key is $150

Ramp keys are for the use of permanent residents only. Special permission may be granted for a long term renter (Greater than 90 days) to use a key on a case by case basis but it will be the responsibility of the owner to assure compliance of all rules and if in violation, the key will be recovered by the association.

There are also 3 rental docks next to the ramp and there are usually vacancies. These are wet slips with no lifts available.

The rental is $225 a year.


Contact the dock master to get the current status of keys, rental docks or to answer any other questions 239 992 4005.


Boater info

Estero River Heights is the last neighborhood on the north side of the river and as soon as you pass the West Bay boat ramp across the river from us it is "Safe Normal Speed" down the river to the bay but yield right way to paddlers in canoes, paddle boards and kayaks so we can keep it that way. (Donít roll them over)

The bay is about 2.5 miles and the Gulf is another 3.5 miles from there. In the bay the speed limit is 25 in the channel and either 25 or slow outside the channel, depending on the time of year. (Manatees). The river and the bay are very shallow and local knowledge is advised. The general rule in the river is the deepest water is on the outside of the turns and there are two places where the cross over is marked with PVC pipes. The channel is between the pipes. Once you get into the bay, you will see standard channel markers. Be aware that there is shoaling east of 29/30 and that area may only yield 2.5 - 3' at low tide. Once you get beyond there you should have over 4 feet all the way to the bay. Stay on the red side east of #6 heading toward the bridge. The water on the right can get real skinny. Our friends in West Bay (the registered maintainer of the markers) are working with the Corps of Engineers to get a properly placed #3 to warn people of that shoal. 


Greg Fretwell Dock master 239 992 4005