I am Greg Fretwell and I have been living and boating on the Estero River for over 2 decades. I average about 250-300 hours a year on the river and Estero Bay. Over that time I have aquired a bit of knowlege about navigating these waters but I am still a babe in the woods compared to some of the folks who measure their experience in generations. I would like to collect as much of this information as possible and make it available for boaters in future generations.
Boaters, by nature, should be evironmentalists. The more we know and understand about the water the more we can enjoy our various sporting uses with a minimum impact on the resource. This site is aimed at improving our knowlege and advancing that ideal.

I have included some links on this page and I will be adding more later.

The "Aerial Photograph" link is to the FGCU Library web site where they have a collection of photos of the area, dating back to 1944. I have determined as close as I could what the pictures show. My links reflect that. If you know of more pictures somewhere contact me.

That brings up some other links on this page.

"Leave a note" is where you can post a note, to be viewed by anyone else visiting the site. They will be posted in "Read the notes". I would like the forum to be conversation about the bay. If politics start becoming a topic I will open another link for political conversations. I prefer that this just be used for chit chat and tips about boating in our area.
This is intended to be a forum for free conversation and there will be no editing of your comments.

There is also a link to directly contact me without posting publicly.