This is data collected by the Charlotte Harbor Estuaries
                   Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Network.

          * The data here is unverified but should be generally accurate.*

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                                        Monitoring sites

         Matanzas Pass/DEP Estero Bay Dock/San Carlos Island
                      Started Mar-1998          Estuary

           Estero River/Estero River Scrub, Blue Trail Beach/Estero
                      Started Sep-01              Tributary
                 Estero Bay/1st Small Island W of Estero R Mouth
                      Started Jun-98               Estuary
          Estero Bay/Carl Johnson Park Boat Ramp/Ft Myers Beach
                      Started Mar-98               Estuary

              Estero Bay/Bonita Bay Nature Park Pier/Bonita Springs
                      Started Mar-98                Estuary

              Estero Bay/Nav Marker Green #51/NW of Big Carlos Pass
                       Started Feb-00               Estuary
               Estero Bay/Mound House Dock/Ft Myers Beach
                       Started Sep-01               Estuary