This site is still being developed but I am trying to get the content up as soon as possible so we don't have a lot of bells and whistles.
The format I chose for links to other pages is to open a new blank page for each so you can just "X" off the page you are looking at to go back. Whenever possible I am using flat text files and I am writing the pages in straight HTML right now.
The good part of that is you won't need to have any plug in programs to see it and they should load pretty fast on a dial up.
I am trying to get the types of things that will be helpful to you out there so send me any suggestions you can come up with. If you have a useful site you use and would like to share with your neighbors, send it to me.
At this point I have avoided putting any personal information on here you can't find in the phone book. We have the ability to password protect areas of the site if we do want some private content. That will require some password procedures and it will only be as secure as those procedures so I am simply avoiding the issue right now.
From the top page you will see the next scheduled event and a link to the calendar. There is a link to meeting minutes from the association meetings. The Dockmaster page has the current weather at the corner of Pinetree and Riverside, a link to the tide table for Coconut Point, Dock Rules and a map of the current dock assignments. There is also a link to my boater resource page where you can get links to a lot of local content.
There is also a link on the top page called FTP. That is just a repository for any kind of files we can upload.
Right now we have a bunch of available disk space and an Email server.
 If you would like an Email address at let me know and I will set it up for you.
Greg Fretwell Click Here to Email me