Launching Ramp Rules

-Key Deposit is $15.00 for first time user. Upon return of the key by a homeowner who is moving or no long desires to have a key a check for the deposit will be issued by the treasurer.

-Key replacement fee is $75.00 per key for a lost key.

-Homeowners Association dues must be current in order to obtain a launching ramp key.

-Launching ramp keys are only issued to lot owners. Lot owners can be issued a launching ramp key but additional lot mowing fees may apply.

-The launching ramp is for the private use of the lot owners of Estero River Heights, their family and occasional guests. The homeowner must be present when all launching and extracting occurs. The launching ramp key is not to be loaned to anyone for launching and extracting purposes.

-The parking area at the launching ramp is for lot owners only. Trailers must have an Association sticker on them to be parked in the launching ramp parking lot.
Family or occasional guests of the homeowner must take their vehicle and trailer back
to the homeowners residence or tract A if space permits.

-The launching ramp is to be locked at all times except when launching or extracting
your boat.

-The public dock is the dock closest to the ramp. Both sides of the dock can be used
for loading and unloading prior to launching and extracting. No boats are to be tied to the dock and left unattended or the dock used for any length of time for parking. All
Other docks in the area are rental docks and while they may be vacant at the time homeowners are asked not to utilize these docks without permission from the renter.
No swimming permitted in the boat basin areas. Track A and B. No swimming in the
canals. Amended Mar 1 2008.

I have read and understand the above rules and regulations for the launching ramp.

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6/2005 One time Special Assessment for Repair to launching ramp of $200.00 must be paid or under pledge to be paid and payments current in order for key issue to the ramp.