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This thing may not be dead but it has certainly been pushed way back. Our friends at Quarterdeck Cove really stepped up and about a dozen of them showed at the ABM meeting to beat up the proposal. The resolution still stands but everyone but a few folks at the Village are against it. We still need to stay vigilant to protect our river from development.


I was at the ABM meeting Monday 9/12.
I talked to Katy Errington after the meeting. She is denying that the resolution says what the words actually say and told me "this will never happen". We know it is not likely to happen because we are not going to let it happen but I would like the resolution to be amended to remove the offending language. One of the people in the meeting (A Bonita Councilman) pointed out that as long as this language exists in a binding resolution, someone can pull it out years from now and ram it through without actually bringing it up to debate. My proposal was that she simply amend her resolution to remove that language and she said she couldn't. I bet, with enough prodding, she or another commissioner can.

This is the current resolution with the offending language struck out

This is the amended resolution I would like to see presented.

To contact the commissioners

This is the resolution