Recently we had a bout of muddy looking water in the river. This extended up river almost all the way to 41 and down river to at least the narrow spot where Jewfish creek splits off, decreasing as you went. (picture 1/17)

I started escalating this through Florida DEP 1/18 and I started investigating myself.

On Tuesday I ran into Leigh Simmons from Lee County DNR investigating a similar complaint from Tahiti.
She had their lab people test the water at Riverwoods 

The test came back positive for dinoflagellates (algae)

The good news is that as of 1/22 this seems to be pretty much gone and we did not get a fish kill. In fact reports are that fishing was better than normal in the river.
If anyone has any other information, contact me and I will pass it up the chain

I got a follow up message from Leigh Simmons
The Algae was identiified as Prorocentrum minimum
Link is to a Maryland DNR report. It can be toxic in shell fish so I would stay away from clams and oysters for a while.

Prorocentrum minimum

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